Offer Day

Offer Presentation


Your agent will: Review documents, Assist in qualifying purchasers, Help you make the appropriate response, Assist in drafting counter-offers when necessary, Negotiate top dollar for your home, Handle all negotiations so you don’t have to.


In today’s ever changing financial market, we know the best sources for real estate financing. Your agent’s experience helps ensure financing is obtained where a less experienced Agent might fail.


The Barrie and District Association of Realtors do not use a formal Seller Property Information Statement. This document lists any material defects that may be present at your property. This form is not used, but it is still the Seller’s legal obligation to disclose any material defects known to them when selling a property.


Most offers will have conditions attached to them. For example: Conditional Upon Financing, Conditional Upon Home Inspection, etc. We will discuss these further when they arise.

Deposit Money

Upon acceptance of the Offer, the Buyer will be giving a certified bank draft (deposit) made out to RE/MAX Crosstown Realty which will be held in a real estate trust account. This deposit makes the Offer legal and binding. Your Sales Representative will insure it is received and processed in a timely manner.


The Buyer(s) may request additional items be included in the sale of the home such as; fixtures, furnishings and appliances. You may be willing to negotiate these items depending on the price offered to you.


The transaction is not complete until you receive full payment, the deed is delivered, and the Buyer takes possession of the property.